Everything to Know About Pedophilic Disorder!

Pedophilic Disorder

Caregivers must remain conscious regarding cognitive, physical, and physical development. Parents must monitor the behavior and help if they observe their child struggling. The support can help in normal and healthy development. It can make the child function adequately in every aspect of life. Parents who notice their child becoming aggressive should consult the best psychiatrist in Lahore. The abuse in childhood can lead to multiple problems and increase the chances of suffering from the pedophilic disorder.

It is a mental disorder in which the adult or the adolescent gets sexually attracted to a prepubescent child. The person has a tendency to hurt the child. Therefore, the close people who notice changes in the behavior must report to the healthcare providers to prevent incidents. If you’ve suffered from depression, anxiety, or trauma and need a safe haven to heal yourself and resolve your issues in just 3 days, we can help. We at Therapy Retreats For Depression offer therapy retreats where you will receive adequate help.

The symptoms of the pedophilic disorder are:

  • The individual has recurrent and intense sexual urges towards a child below three years.
  • The person fantasizes about having a sexual relationship with the child.

The known causes that may lead the person to exhibit symptoms of the pedophilic disorder are:

  • The changes in the hormonal levels can affect the functioning of the person and lead to irrational sexual urges.
  • The abnormality in the brain structure can cause a chemical imbalance, affecting the function of the individual. People with pedophilic disorder have low white matter in the brain. The person cannot differentiate between right and wrong. Also, they want to fulfill their urges.
  • Certain neurological characteristics from birth can lead to pedophilic behavior. However, the primary caregivers can notice the irrational behavior and must seek professional help.
  • Individuals who have been through sexual trauma in their childhood are at a higher risk of suffering from the pedophilic disorder.
  • Individuals suffering from personality, psychotic, and mood disorders must seek professional help, as they are more prone to suffer from the pedophilic disorder.
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The preventative measures that can prevent harm to children include:

  • The caregivers should monitor the actions/behavior of the child and provide a healthy environment. Parents must remain considerate and avoid fighting in front of their children. The child who has been through sexual abuse should have professional and family support to function adequately in later life.
  • Caregivers must teach the child about good touch and bad touch. Also, parents must help their children be confident in discussing their problems. It will help prevent sexual abuse and related complications.
  • Caregivers must conduct a background check of the adults their child may have to stay in contact with at school and daycare.

The complications associated with pedophilic disorder are:

  • The person with the pedophilic may have guilt that can lead to suicide and depression.
  • The individual has low self-esteem and may suffer from PTSD due to childhood trauma.
  • The tests that help the specialist diagnose an individual with the pedophilic disorder are:
  • The psychiatrist will diagnose the person with a pedophilic disorder based on the DSM-5 criteria. The specialist will help the individual recall their childhood to identify the cause of the behavior.
  • The imaging test will help detect the brain abnormalities that may have led to pedophilic behavior.
  • The hormonal tests will help identify the abnormality in the body that may have led to the behavior.
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The medications and therapy that can help the individual with pedophilic disorder manage the symptoms include:

  • SSRIs: The Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors help reduce compulsive sexual urges. Also, it helps manage the symptoms of depression to help the individual function adequately in everyday life.
  • Antiandrogens: The medications help block the uptake of testosterone to reduce sexual urges.
  • Psychotherapy: The therapy will help the individual understand their negative thoughts. It will allow them to apprehend their inappropriate behavior. The therapy will help them think positively and divert their attention to become productive.

Individuals who understand their condition and cannot seek help from their family members or friends should consult the best psychiatrist in Karachi. A competent and reliable specialist will help diagnose the illness and maintain confidentiality. Also, the psychiatrist will provide guidance regarding the most effective and latest treatment plan.

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