How To Check & Compare Website Traffic and Why It’s Important: A Guide

Website Traffic

The eCommerce industry is truly enormous, with sales in the sector expected to reach an astonishing $4.891 trillion globally in 2021. That’s 14.3 percent more than the sales generated in 2020.

With the growth of the eCommerce market, more online businesses continue to spring up every day. But while the digital market space is unquestionably lucrative, the competition can be cut-throat. With about 12 to 24 million eCommerce sites competing for traffic, it takes something special to stand out.

Successful entrepreneurs take the time to track and compare website traffic, and you need to be doing the same. In this guide, we tell what website traffic is and why you need to track it regularly. We’ll also highlight some of the ways you can check website traffic and compare it with that of your competitors.

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What Is Website Traffic?

Website traffic refers to the number of visitors to a web page. Typically, website traffic is recorded using a traffic checker tool, whose purpose is to track visitors to websites.

Using a website traffic checker, you can track a variety of traffic sources for your site and websites belonging to your competitors. Among the top traffic sources are search engines, email, referral, and PPC marketing. Some of the metrics that give you insights into web traffic include page views, traffic source, bounce rates, and audience demographics.

Why Should You Track and Compare Website Traffic? 

All your digital marketing efforts are aimed at generating sales for your company. But it’s impossible to sell products on your eCommerce site if you get zero traffic. That’s why it’s essential to keep tracking your web traffic and benchmarking it against your competitors’ sites.

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Here are three top benefits you stand to gain

You Get to Improve Your SEO Efforts

Through web traffic tracking, you get to see where your visitors spend time, what source they come from, and what pages they land on. This helps you understand how effective your content and keywords are. You get to see whether you’re on the right track or need to revise your entire SEO strategy.

Through web traffic comparison, it becomes clearer which keywords your competitors are ranking for. This information can be helpful in boosting your own SEO efforts.

It’s Easier to Make Website Improvements

Tracking your web traffic reveals the spots where visitors drop off. This way, you can work on those pages to offer a better user experience.

For instance, it may be that most of your traffic drops off once they reach your contact form. Try to find out why this could be the case. Perhaps you need to reduce and simplify the fields on your contact form to realize changes in traffic drop-off.

Check out other better-performing websites and see what their design looks like. Such insights can help you better your own website’s design.

You Get to Adopt Targeted Advertising

A top-notch web traffic checker can give you insights into your visitors’ location, age, interests, gender, and so on. This information can help you build marketing campaigns that are highly targeted, which boosts engagement and leads to better conversion rates.

How to Check and Compare Website Traffic

Checking your traffic is not a big hassle when you have a dependable web traffic checker. But when it comes to comparing web traffic, the challenge is that you don’t have the login details of your competitor’s traffic checker account.

Thankfully, there are some premium tools that can help you make big data estimates as to how their website is performing trafficwise. This helps you perform the much-needed comparison with your own site.

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Among the best tools for checking web traffic are:

The HOTH’s Free Website Traffic Checker Tool 

This helpful tool helps you estimate your domain’s traffic statistics, including organic traffic, keyword count, and organic cost. The checker allows you to enter as many as 20 URLs in the box so you can compare statistics between each.

The Hoth’s Free Website Traffic Checker is a quick way to get data on your site’s performance as compared to your competitors’ sites. The tool offers clear data on page rankings, your Adword expenditure, and keyword counts.

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Like Hoth’s Web Traffic Checker, Similarweb is available for free, although there’s a paid version that unlocked more features. For instance, you get access to more data with the paid version.

The tool comes with an optional Chrome extension to help you compare traffic on websites to which you don’t have access.

You can enter multiple sites to see the comparisons of total monthly traffic, pages per visit, the average duration of visits, bounce rates, traffic sources, and much more.


This premium keyword research and SEO tool help you to compare different organic search traffic volumes. You can enter a domain, URL, or subdomain to see estimates of organic traffic per month, traffic value, organic keywords, backlinks, and much more.

Ahrefs also lets you see the traffic estimates of any keyword. This way, you can estimate the expected traffic of these keywords if you use them on your site.

Keep Checking and Comparing Web Traffic to Stay Ahead

Competition in the online marketplace will always be stiff, but you can still thrive, particularly if you can attract and sustain high-quality traffic. The best way to do so is to ensure your check and compare website traffic continually. This information allows you to come up with ways to engage your visitors better.

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