Top 4 AI and Machine Learning Predictions Trending in 2021

Machine Learning

Many companies today have started adopting artificial intelligence (AI) to thrive in a competitive industry.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic in 2020, we have all seen drastic changes in the way we work and live. Despite the devastation caused by the pandemic, artificial intelligence and machine learning have helped industries make rapid strides in maximizing the uses of technology in businesses.

Since both technologies are firmly established in almost every industry, it is believed that the world will experience some trends that we can expect.

Let us dig deeper into and discuss the top AI trends in 2021:

Health – high reliability of AI

Perhaps we have all experienced how AI has added its value over the past year, as the world comes under a pandemic attack. From detecting the spread of the virus to detecting the most likely areas of spread and helping with diagnosis, AI has played an important role.

Although regulatory warnings have been given, AI is already revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

If we speak in brief, technology has made rapid progress in helping to reduce the administrative complexity of scanning X-rays and MRIs for better results. This technological change proved beneficial in communities that lacked resources and staff.

Not to mention that automation has played an important role in projecting itself into developments such as vaccines and drugs. All in all, we could say, the way AlphaFold predicts the way proteins fold is another development worth watching.

Chip Deals lead the way

Despite the government’s intention to slow down agreements for political reasons, it does not appear that the trend will slow down. Even in 2021, we will continue to see chip transactions in full swing.

While there may be slight changes in the way small and medium businesses transact, large businesses will not budge.

AI chips – the next frontier in the cloud AI race

Giant companies like Arm, Intel, and NVIDIA have been at the forefront of AI chips. Although multiple competitors are observed in the industry, the market dominance in this sector could not be deciphered so far. However, the emergence of cloud computing and the advancement of AI over the past five to ten years have radically changed the players in the field. As a result, they are all looking to compete with their biggest customers, namely the Crypto Service Provider (CSP). Thus, move to the domination of AI in the cloud. Some of the best examples out there are – Amazon or Google Cloud TPU.

While we are all past the cloud war, we are now entering the cloud AI war that we see players like CSPs and hardware vendors getting into.

Isn’t it amazing to find ourselves in a situation where we have the chance to see the trends in AI in 2021?

AI is the new digital transformation

Many industries such as transportation, catering and hospitality have resisted digital transformation.

But times have changed, the epidemic caused by the pandemic is bringing huge changes that no one can ignore. Not to mention that AI is not far away. If an organization or AI professional doesn’t buckle up their seatbelt quickly enough, chances are they won’t reap the greatest benefits from the technology.

Some of the best industries that made the transformation of AI were those that were digital first i.e. telecom companies and the internet.

If you notice, it was the businesses / industries that were likely to embrace data driven decision making to be a central part of how they should operate. Examples are the financial, pharmaceutical and internet think tank industries.

For the foreseeable future, it is probably possible for us to experience AI that will be introduced into multiple industries in countless ways.

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