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Looking for the best software for recruitment agencies? The right kind of recruiting CRM software that can help you track applicants, keep your candidate database organized, generate clear reports, and is more than just an ATS.

You need an all-in-one recruiting software that can help you stay organized, boost your teamwork, and support you to produce the best results. Whether you are the owner of a recruitment company or an employee of a large recruitment agency, some functions of the software are very essential.

Decision makers, who are responsible for finding the best recruiting CRM, need to make sure that the final list of software vendors offer these services.

Cloud based

Telecommuting or working from home is very common these days. Consequently, recruitment agencies must have a cloud-based software service as a mandatory feature. This type of recruiting software makes it easy for recruiters and your team members to work seamlessly from anywhere. Cloud-based CRM recruiting drives team collaboration even though everyone is in separate locations. Sharing documents, exchanging data and discussing projects is quick and easy.

Since everything is stored in the cloud, agencies are not required to buy physical storage. The service provider takes responsibility for the security of the data, as well as for regular maintenance and updates. This is an especially great option for small startups or a one-man recruitment agency that doesn’t need or want the hassle of acquiring and maintaining a physical server. They can enjoy the benefits of a great recruiting software system without having to bear the responsibility or cost of regular maintenance.

Based on SaaS

The advantage of SaaS or software as a service is that it allows its users to pay monthly or annually for their services as they see fit. The agencies are not buying the software. Rather, they are paying to use it for as long as they want. This makes SaaS recruiting software more affordable than traditional software.

The other benefit of using SaaS is the scalability factor. Recruiters can purchase a license for one and then scale to include as many users as they want if the business requires it. Likewise, large recruiting agencies can reduce their usage and reduce it if the company demands it. This flexibility makes SaaS very attractive for all types of businesses.


Recruitment CRM software is no longer just about meeting the needs of the candidate hiring database. It has been expanded to include billing and payment services support, as well as compliance. Each recruiter is responsible for ensuring that the candidates they submit meet all legal requirements. For example, right-to-work controls are mandatory and recruiters must carefully evaluate documents. Now it is also mandatory to guarantee GDPR and IR35 verifications.

The recruiting CRM platform supports agencies by making the job easier for recruiters. Not everyone is armed with legal knowledge. In fact, it can be quite complex and challenging to understand all the intricate facts about the right to work controls, GDPR and IR35. But a single mistake can be costly. Thus, recruiters find that working with a recruiting platform that supports compliance makes the job simple and effortless.

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